5 Steps to Successful Property Marketing on Social Media

For many years the property marketing community has utilised traditional channels to market their developments as part of their lead building and sales process. More recently, digital marketing combined with innovative content creation has changed that approach, particularly when it comes to social media marketing.

For some developers social media takes a back seat as strategies that are not correctly executed can undoubtedly have their pitfalls. This article has been put together as a guide to assist in making your next social media based property marketing strategy a success.

1. Embrace the change in property marketing…

The first step of the process is to take the time to understand the importance of social media marketing through visuals and animations and embrace that in your approach. Following that it’s essential that a clear and innovative strategy is in place to gain digital success in your project.

2. Analyse the data available…

With a rich amount of data being fed back from social media platforms for each active ad campaign, developers and their property marketing teams can identify exactly where important leads are coming from.

The upshot of this is that through combining a refined target audience with your best performing content and ad style, it is possible to both increase sales and raise brand awareness with great success.

3. Communicate with your 3D artist from day one…

With your strategy in place, your supplier of 3D visuals and animation can work with marketing teams to deliver the perfect eye catching imagery that will stop your potential buyer from scrolling and engage with your ad.

The way in which the content will ultimately be used should ideally start when the visuals are briefed to the artist so it can be considered at the all-important rendering stage. This helps maximise the impact of your marketing campaign with bespoke content that aids the sales process.

4. Don’t ignore the stats…

“98% of internet users have visited or used a social network or messaging service”

The above stat gives a strong indication that social media has to become a key component in property marketing.

With 78% of the UK population using Facebook and over 40 million of those being reachable by ad campaigns the opportunity to engage with customers is huge.

(Stats via Avocado Social 2019)

5. Use compelling content

There is no doubt that compelling content is king, which is why impressive visuals and animations are key in the process described above.

CGI’s and animations of a development when used in this way, instantly help engage potential buyers through visual storytelling and focus on important details. This conveys a message designed to give the viewer the feeling of what the property will be like as their new home.

 For further information on how to use 3D imagery and implement it in your marketing strategy get in touch at www.archi-vista.com