Innovare i-Fast Panel

Name of project:

Innovare i-Fast Panel




3D Animation


The i-Fast panel is a modular construction panel produced by offsite building specialists Innovare. In looking to promote their product online through a short video, Innovare tasked us with producing a forty five second 3D animation to highlight the key benefits of the i-Fast panel product.

What we did:

We first modeled and textured the i-Fast panel in 3DS Max from cross section diagrams and measurement tables that were provided by the client.

Once the dimensions and look of the panel were agreed by the client, we then animated the camera in sequence so that the timing was synced in terms of length with the text annotation. As part of this process we wanted to be sure the viewer had adequate time to read each piece of text as well as follow the animation throughout.

With all wording of text agreed, the final composited animation was rendered out of after effects with branding and any other finishing touches at full HD (1080p).

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