Octavius Modular Car Parks

Name of project:

Octavius Modular Car Parks




3D Animation


We were tasked with producing an animation of approximately 60 seconds in length that described the benefits of Octavius’s modular car parks. The animation was to highlight the key benefits of the car park product using 3D rendered models combined with annotation and titles that were in keeping with the companies brand guidelines.

What we did:

From a selection of reference images and construction info on how a typical Octavius modular car park would be erected, we were able to model an accurate example for the basis of the animation.

Using transition styles in after effects and animation techniques within 3DS max we were able to compile a number of 3D scenes that helped tell the story of the benefits of the clients modular car park offering.

The final animation was rendered in full HD (1080p) before final composition in after effects where annotation and titles were added.

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