Paignton Square

Name of project:

Paignton Square




Exterior CGI's


Paignton square was an affordable housing development of around 40 plots in the Knowle area of Bristol. We were commisioned to produce two exterior renders that incorporated the main apartment block and other house types on the site within the images.

What we did:

When approaching the modelling for this project our first task was to create the various house types on the site from CAD drawings provided by the client.

As some of the house types were very similar to each other we were able to streamline the process by modifying a ‘master model’ to achieve the various styles in terms of window position/porch style etc.

When all houses were complete we were able to create the site layout and duplicate models where needed to build up the development as per the site plan.

We were also provided with a detailed material and window schedule to follow for texture creation before adding realistic lighting to the scene.

Finally cars, people and other finishing touches were added to complete the CGI’s

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