Vin-Kube Wine Rack

Name of project:

Vin-Kube Wine Rack




Individual Product Visualisations and Product Placement CGI's


The Vin-Kube modular wine storage system is an innovative product design that allows the user to build various sized wine racks from kit form. Vin-Kube approached Archi-Vista as they were looking to create visual content for a product marketing brochure specific to their range of kits which came in various colours and sizes. The client commissioned twelve product renders in total, showing four different kit sizes in three colours. They also requested two product placement CGI’s showing the product in a home environment, in this case a kitchen and a dining room.

What we did:

We were initially provided with a simplified sketch up model of the product which we added detail to, duplicated and adapted to create the four kit type sizes. We then agreed with the client to setup the individual products in a ‘clean white’ studio lighting environment before adding the final textures and finishing touches in post-production.

For the product placement CGI’s the client was working on both a tight timescale and budget. We therefore agreed to purchase the interior environment model from stock and place the adapted product models within the interior spaces before rendering at high resolution.

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